About Me


I’ve been interested in photography since childhood and have thus practised it for over 30 years. As a freelance photographer I’ve been working since 2015, focusing on street photography and portraits. Being an telecoms/IT engineer, my background is in global telco business, mainly in international marketing and sales. I left it behind in 2010 to look after my wife during her last years while she was suffering from an incurable illness. After she passed away in 2012, I started a new life. The loss of my wife taught me to appreciate health and love life in general. I learned how to enjoy the small things in everyday living. I also became much more aware of and sensitive to everything around me. I decided to focus on things I'm passionate about, like Tai Chi Chuan and photography. That is the path I'm on now and I'm enjoying it every day.

When I'm not taking or editing photos, you could find me practising/teaching taiji, running or cycling. I also enjoy photowalks in Helsinki nearly daily.

Speciality & skills

My main focus areas are street photography and portraits.

Street photography I started actively in 2014, shooting nearly daily on the streets of Helsinki, but also in other cities when travelling.

To enhance my skills as a photographer, I have participated in a number of street and portrait photography courses in Finland, Berlin and London. They have been held by photographers like: Tiina Puputti, Hanna Rost, Thorsten Overgaard and Fulvio Bugani. I also take part continuously in various photography events, exhibitions and lectures to get inspired and to learn from other photographers.

Most of the paid work is business portraits, but I love doing more imaginary work when ever an inspiring opportunity arises. I love black and white and thus big part of the work I publish in social media is monochrome.


Currently I use Leica equipment with Profoto lights and light shaping tools. Tools have changed during the years, but I have always selected my cameras based on how it feels to use it. It should feel natural and I must be able to trust in it fully. My present street kit is Leica SL2-S with Leica Summilux-M 50 mm and sometimes Leica Q. For portraits I use mainly Leica's 50 or 90 mm APO-Summicron SL lenses. 

Using Format